Maxillofacial Surgery (Oral and Dental Surgery)

Wisdom teeth and Impacted Teeth

Presence of wisdom teeth, impacted teeth and lack of tooth eruption generally because of jaw narrowness are frequent problems in dentistry clinics. In this case, the most frequent question is whether these teeth should be extracted or not even if the patient does not have any complaint. For various reasons, it is suggested that these teeth should be pulled out without waiting for them to cause trouble.

Here are the reasons:

*Because of jaw narrowness, there may not be enough space for tooth eruption and teeth may place in improper positions and infect the area. Hence, it results in spread of infection to oral, nasal and respiratory tract.
*It may cause cysts and this cyst may spread to whole jawbone and cause decay and extraction of peripheral teeth.
*Because of its adjacency, it may cause infection of the sinuses and creates a focal infection risk in the system
*It may prevent the dentist’s treatment such as (prosthesis, fillings) and it may block success of orthodontic treatment.

Due to these reasons, extraction of wisdom teeth, impacted and semi-impacted teeth is the best treatment method even if there is not a complaint.