Inside the hard tissue of tooth, there is a small chamber in which there are blood vessels which enter the apex of the root and nerves that gives life to the tooth. This structure, which enables the growth and maintenance of the teeth, also assumes the role of an alarm if the tooth decays. Tooth decays, which are not treated earlier, move onto the pulp and cause severe pain through infection. In the next phase, acids secreted by bacteria cause the loss of the pulp. Toxics, emerging from the loss, secrete from the root tip and spread to the jawbone. Infection in jawbone results in the loss of the tooth and also harms peripheral tissues. Infected pulp tissue can be removed so that the tooth and peripheral tissues can be preserved. After the removal of pulp tissue with anesthesia, canals are enlarged and disinfected. After this operation, pulp chamber is filled with special substances to the root tip. Contrary to popular belief, this operation is achieved without pain and the tooth which is recovered can serve as a healthy tooth for years.

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